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The Vest Pocket Kodak had a series of additional accessories produced to facilitate the operation of the camera over the years

   As an extra Kodak supplied a cable release bracket which could be fixed to the top of the Shutter on the inside of the front plate. This feature was not a factory fitted item. They were listed as an extra  in catalogues and they are not found on the majority of the cameras.

In addition to the cable release bracket an adapter for a tripod socket was available, this attached to the bottom of the lens/shutter plate and has sockets for both horizontal or vertical pictures

Also produced for this and subsequent cameras using the 127 film was the developing tank with cellulose spiral and wooden loading box. This was similar to that produced for the larger films which enabled the exposed film to be loaded into the spiral in the box , transferred in the darkroom to the stainless steel tank and then, with the screw top on, developed in daylight

The Vest Pocket Kodak enlarging camera allowed enlarging the 127 negative up to Postcard size, the Postcard size sensitive paper is placed in the grooves in the base and the negative between the glass plates at the top and the exposure made by shining a light at the back of the negative or if using POP paper the enlarger could be pointed at the sun

The Ultimate Vest Pocket Kodak Accessory ‘The VPK Pencil Sharpener’

               This accessory for the Vest Pocket Kodak user is essential  when ones pencil point breaks when working out in the field;  it enables ones record taking to be maintained. The pencil is sharpened in the hole in the side and the shavings are ejected through the autographic flap on the back, Unusually this pencil sharpener is provided with a lever wind, as shown below, on the left hand side between the autographic flap and the circular rear cover; though this does appear to serve no useful purpose. It was manufactured in Spain by EMB of Juguetes Marti, who, true to the Kodak tradition of giving numbers to all their camera name plates, allocated the number 1061 to this item.

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Keith Christie

December 2006